appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


We’ve stated our piece over Makerbot as well as their interpretation of what open source means, however the truth stays if you’re sourcing a 3D printer for a high institution shop class or a hackerspace, you truly can’t do much much better than a Makerbot Replicator. obviously Makerbot is looking to broaden their 3D style as well as fabrication portfolio; they just revealed an upcoming 3D scanner at SXSW. It’s called the Makerbot Digitizer, as well as it takes real, 3D objects as well as turns them into CAD files.

Since Makerbot as well as [Bre Pettis] didn’t provide out much info about the 3D scanner they’re working on, the very best info comes from Techcrunch. The Makerbot Digitizer utilizes two lasers to scan genuine objects as well as turns them into 3D CAD files. The hardware isn’t finalized, as well as the prototype is made from a few pieces of laser cut plywood. No details are offered on exactly how much the Digitizer will cost, when it will be available, or what its resolution is.

Of program 3D scanning of genuine objects to equate them into CAD data is nothing new for Hackaday readers. We’ve seen our fair share of desktop 3D scanners, including one that was developed in a day out of junk. even the Kickstarter team has gotten into the action with a few desktop 3D scanners, a few of which scan in full color.

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