appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category

Don’t Cry Over broken Nails: fix Them With This Tutorial






A few weeks ago, I was in the kitchen mashing garlic potatoes for a tasty dinner when–all of a sudden–I experienced the traumatic event that is breaking a nail. Based on my reaction and mad dash to the bathroom, my husband thought I’d seriously injured myself. My body was fine. My nail was not.

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Now, most men (and some women) don’t understand the importance of a broken nail; they don’t get how disheartening and frustrating it can be. You spend weeks growing those things out, keeping them all the same length, filing them so they don’t snag. So when a nail breaks, one goes through a sort of grieving process.

All melodrama aside, a broken nail is seriously no fun. Fortunately, there is a little trick you can carry out to save your broken nail. While it’s a short-term fix, this emergency nail surgery can at least get you through the weekend ought to you have a big date or event coming up.

Quick Fixes for broken Nails

Behold: the tea bag fix for broken nails. You’ll need scissors, an empty tea bag and clear nail polish.

Step 1: cut Tea Bag Down

Cut a piece from your tea bag that is big enough to go over the crack/snag of your broken nail. I typically demolish an unused tea bag and then save the tea for my loose-leaf tea ball.

Step 2: apply Clear Nail Polish

Apply a thick coat of clear nail polish over the broken or snagging nail. At least part of the nail should still be attached for this to work.

Sidebar: Can we please just talk about how awesome that nail polish is for a second? That’s Layla Hologram effect Nail Polish in Retro Pink. Amazing, right? When you step out into the sun with this polish on, you feel like a real live fairy emitting shimmery goodness out of your fingertips.

Step 3: Adhere Teabag

While the clear polish is still wet, gently place the tea bag over the crack/snag. Smooth it out to remove any bubbles.

Step 4: apply another coat of Polish

Liberally apply a second coat of clear polish over the tea bag. allow it to dry and then apply a third coat.

Step 5: Paint

After the clear polish dries, apply your regular nail polish on top. This ought to hold for at least a few days. Repeat as required until your nail grows out and you can trim.

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