appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category

The Duchess in 2012 Blazer & Boden Cardigan for Hold Still Events

The Duchess brought back a familiar piece for a Hold Still video released tonight. 

A refresher on the job from the Hold Still microsite at the national portrait Gallery: 

We invited people of all ages to submit a photographic portrait, taken in a six-week period during may as well as June, focussed on three core themes…Over 31,000 submissions were received from across the country… From these, a panel of judges selected 100 portraits, assessing the images on the emotions as well as experiences they conveyed.

….the final 100 present a special as well as extremely personal record of this amazing period in our history. From virtual birthday parties, handmade rainbows as well as neighborhood clapping to brave NHS staff, resilient  keyworkers as well as people dealing with illness, isolation as well as loss. The images convey humour as well as grief, creativity as well as kindness, catastrophe as well as hope – expressing as well as exploring both our shared as well as private experiences.

As of Friday, the Hold Still digital exhibition has had a lot more than 5.2 million page views.  There was likewise a neighborhood exhibition showing the 100 images in 80 cities as well as towns across the UK. You may keep in mind the Duke as well as Duchess’s October see to south London to see some of the images displayed in the community. Below, a billboard featuring an picture titled The look of Lockdown.

In the new video, the Duchess marks the neighborhood exhibition’s end by thanking everybody who submitted an picture to the project. From Kate’s remarks in the video: 

I just wanted to state a significant say thanks to you to everybody who submitted an picture to Hold Still. I launched the project with the national portrait Gallery back in may since I wanted to discover a method to enable everybody to share their stories as well as experiences of lockdown.

We have been thrilled by the action to the job as well as I couldn’t be a lot more grateful to each as well as every one of the 31,000 people who submitted an image. It was so difficult to choose the final 100 photographs however we hope we have created a collective portrait of our nation, reflecting on what others have experienced as well as our own journeys with this tough time.

Here is the video in a tweet posted by Joe Little of Majesty Magazine. 

 During the October see to south London, the couple likewise saw a picture called Melanie, March 2020. Johanna Churchill, a nurse, took the photo.

The picture shows one of Ms. Churchill’s colleagues as she was working on setting up a COVID center in London. The portrait was recreated on the side of a building in Manchester.

This week the Duchess spoke with Johanna Churchill (r) as well as Dr. Edward Cole (center); the physician was likewise included in getting that center up as well as running.

More about the call by means of Kensington Palace: 

During the call, they discussed the crucial function the photograph has played in helping to represent the experiences of frontline workers across the nation as they continue to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak. Johannah likewise told The Duchess exactly how the picture has led her to get messages from medical personnel from across the UK, as well as around the world, as well as has allowed them to share their own experiences of working during these amazing times.  

Here is a video from the call. 

This is a tweet posted by Ms. Churchill in late October. 

as well as a clip released by the Palace. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore for the new video. 

It appears she brought back a piece by Zara very first noted in August 2012.

The blazer was worn for Olympic events on August 3rd, including a say thanks to you to team GB home volunteers.

And women’s swimming at the Aquatic Centre.

The ‘Blazer with Gathered Shoulders’ was done in a viscose/poly blend with a touch of Elastane for stretch as well as simplicity of movement. It featured angled flap pockets, height lapels, a single gold button front closure, four gold buttons at the cuffs, as well as the gathered shoulders referenced in the product name.

The Duchess appeared to have on an ivory or eggshell knit top underneath the jacket.

Initially, I believed Kate was wearing her All the Falling Stars Personalized Gold Three-Layered Disc Necklace ($127.65) with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, as well as Prince Louis’ initials on the three circles.  however the charms on the necklace seen in the new video look like they are spaced further apart, as well as they look just a bit smaller to me. Below, the Duchess in the new video as well as wearing the All the Falling Stars necklace at the university of Derby event in early October. 

Whatdo you think? Does it look like a different necklace altogether?  UPDATE NOV 15: It looks like the Duchess was wearing a new necklace, the Paleontology Nugget Necklace (£360) by Alex Monroe. The necklace is 16″ – 18″ in length, as well as the charms are sterling silver with gold vermeil (I think). lots of thanks to Royal Wikipedia for this ID.

The piece features gold charms etched with “botanicals, animals, as well as Alex’s iconic bumblebee!” It is part of the jeweler’s natural history Collection, inspired by the ‘breath-taking question of a very first see to a grand museum.”  The Duchess has been the natural history Museum’s patron considering that 2013. right here is a better look at the charms.

Alex Monroe describes itself as specializing in “Ethical & Sustainable Jewellery Handmade in England, Inspired by Nature & British eccentricity.” The business has done several collaborations with the Royal Collection Trust.

Below, business creator Alex Monroe.   

Mr. Monroe created his very first collection in 1987 with a goal of producing “excellent high quality jewellery, which was originally designed, hand made as well as well priced.” The label has boutiques located in Covent garden as well as London Bridge as well as still makes each product by hand in England.  Alex Monroe jewelry is likewise offered at Liberty of London, John Lewis, Harper’s Emporium in Perth, Farfetch, as well as likewise ABC Carpet as well as house in the USA. 

And a somewhat larger view of the Duchess in the blue cardigan. 

UPDATE: Ace IDer CopyKate suggests the Duchess is wearing the Abercorn Scallop Cardigan ($110) in the ‘frosted blue’ color as offered by Boden.  I believe she is right. You can just see a hint of the scallop detail on Kate’s ideal carry in the picture above.  The semi-fitted piece is a blend of merino wool as well as cotton with the scallop detail at the neckline.

A better look at the details.

There are a few possible repliKates right here that I stumbled across while searching for the piece.  

NOTE: I originally wrote the Boden sweater was in the ‘conker’ colorway which is clearly not the case. The publish has been updated with the right color name.  

UPDATE #3 NOV 16: In looking at screengrabs from the call with Johanna Churchill as well as Dr. Cole, longtime WKW good friend Stephanie champion Helton (Lady Coventry om Twitter) suggests Kate is wearing a new (to us) pair of Catherine Zoraida earrings.

Stephanie believes it is the Gold Mistle Kiss Hoop style (£180), curved mistletoe leaves, best for the approaching holiday season.

The business confirms the Duchess owns the style; I believe Stephanie is spot-on with the ID.  thanks to Middleton Maven for her help on this one!


Click here to view the Hold Still microsite; click right here to see the full gallery of 100 images.  

Simon Perry’s people story is here; Omid Scobie’s piece for Harper’s Bazaar is here; Jamie Samhan’s post for ET Canada is here.


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