appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


We’ve seen composite video out from AVR chips lots of times before. but we can’t remember coming across one that managed to produce a color signal. This project does just that, producing a color video signal from an ATmega168 without using external integrated circuits.

[CNLohr] is seen here showing off his accomplishment. You’ll remember him from the glass-slide PCB server project he’s been working on recently. this time around it’s a small piece of gaming hardware which he’s working on. but using four pins from the microcontroller, connected by means of resistors in parallel, he is able to generate a color NTSC signal without using a chip like the AD723.

After the break you can see the two minute demo in which he shows the game running for just an moment, then gives a general introduction of how the signals are being built. There isn’t a ton of explanation, but he did post his code as well as a resource for you to show yourself a lot more about the NTSC standard. maybe you can make a color version of that AVR tetris game?

[via Reddit]

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