appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


The Teensy is a powerful ARM-based advancement board with tons of features that can do fun stuff with USB as well. like many dev boards, it utilizes a less powerful processor as an interface. Teensy designer [Paul Stoffregen] added a debug header to enable direct SWD JTAG gain access to to the primary chip, however the interface microcontroller has to be silenced for that to work, as well as the code to do so is still in progress.

Impatient, [Erich Styger] documents the modifications he made to add support for the J-Link SWD protocol by eliminating the offending NXP Kinetis KL02Z that serves as the as the onboard interface as well as bootloader that helps the Arduino IDE talk to the K64F which is the primary chip. After the KL02Z was removed, [Erich] populated the debug headers as well as then wired up the Segger J-Link to the board as well as tested it out with Eclipse, GDB, as well as basic SWD debug tools.

The end result is a Cortex M4F board that can work with basic tools at a third of the price of the Kinetis’ advancement board. [Paul Stoffregen] confirms that the debugging performance will be added to the bootloader code soon however up until then, a hardware hack is a working, if brutal, approach to debugging on the platform.

More info on the JTAG interface is offered for the interested. as well as if Teensy isn’t your thing, you may think about an STM32-based advancement board.

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