appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


If you haven’t been viewing The Dinosaur Den, pity on you. This joint business between [Fran Blanche] as well as our extremely own [Bil Herd] premiered in July as well as it is, just put, the duck’s guts. despite being introduced to every other just a few months before the very first episode, they banter like old friends. When they’re not riffing off each other, they’re providing a show as well as tell of all kinds of vintage technology. many importantly, they’re always using truly awesome t-shirts.

Hot on the heels of their outstanding holiday special comes this finest of the Dinosaur Den 2014 highlight reel. Some of our preferred bits are from stated holiday special, since they spent the whole hour speaking about their best-loved toys from holidays past, many of which started them on their paths to greatness. Come for the t-shirts, stay for the Zaxxon tabletop arcade as well as the toy that most likely influenced LittleBits. inspect out the best-of after the break, as well as then cook a hot Pocket or something as well as view them all. You’re quite much guaranteed to discover something awesome and/or useful.

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