appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


2015 was two years ago, as well as to the surprise of many, we really had hoverboards at the time. Of course, these weren’t Back to the Future-style hovering skateboards; they were crappy two-wheeled balancing scooters that experienced a few battery explosions as well as were ultimately banned from domestic flights by some carriers. But oh boy, there were some funny Vines of these things.

While the rest of the world moved on from hoverboards, [Casainho] has been working on open Sourcing the firmware for these fascinating bits of electronics as well as motors. Now, his work is wrapping up as well as he has new firmware for electric unicycles as well as hoverboards.

The prominent as well as inexpensive electric unicycles as well as hoverboards that have been swimming across the Pacific from the fantastic land of Ali Baba for the past five years are based around a single, inexpensive controller board. This controller board is developed around the STM32F1038T6 microcontroller, as well as are able to manage a pair of three-phase brushless motors. The teardown began on the electric unicycle forum and was totally documented in a GitHub repo.

The open source firmware is now mainly complete, although the necessary self-balancing function doesn’t work. We’re believing that’s alright; with this new firmware, these electric unicycles have a crazy amount of torque as well as might be the basis for a few extremely awesome builds. You can inspect out a video of this torque below.

If two wheels seems far as well safe, exercise your inner daredevil with a 3D printed unicycle conversion for a hoverboard.

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