appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


Hackaday visitor [svofski] sent in a great looking difficult drive-based POV clock (Google Translation) produced by a maker in the Sichuan province of China. The clock, like the one [svofski] built, relies on LEDs put behind the spinning platter to produce the POV effect.

Quite a few very carefully put cuts have been made to the platter, which make up the segments needed to screen both numbers as well as letters of the alphabet. This isn’t a basic 16-segment POV screen however. The font style utilizes a great deal of sharp edges as well as strange section lengths, so we’re guessing that rather a bit of care was taken in the production of this clock.

You can see a presentation of the clock in the video embedded below, which shows off its capability to screen numbers, text, in addition to a handful of basic patterns. It appears like there are some details offered on the designer’s site, nevertheless it is all in Chinese, as well as Google’s translation is doubtful at best. If only we understood somebody that might provide us a hand with deciphering the inner-workings of this clock…

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