appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


If your Raspberry Pi is running a bit hot you can add a few hunks of salvaged warm sink, or you can go all out as well as device your own water cooling system.

Remember when everybody had a huge desktop computer which was a ideal receptacle for awesome illumination impacts as well as somewhat outrageous cooling systems? Relive that experience with [Phame’s] multi-page forum publish that serves as the develop log. With the exception of the small pump itself, this one’s a completely customized job.

The picture on the left shows the machined parts being tried on for side. There is a slug which contacts the ICs on the RPi board, conducting the warm to the chambers inside with which the liquid will flow. The upright rectangular enclosure serves as the reservoir which dissipates the collected warm as the water flows with it. The picture on the best shows the completed project. It utilizes the power pins on the GPIO header to drive the pump.

[Thanks PL through Bit-Tech]

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