appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


[Reinis] has a Volvo S80. one of the dashboard features it includes is a 6.5″ LCD screen which periscopes as much as utilize as a navigation system. The issue is that Volvo stopped making maps for it around five years back as well as there are no maps whatsoever for Latvia where he lives. So it’s worthless… to you’re typical driver. however [Reinis] is taking care of it on his own by replacing the system with a Raspberry Pi.

That link leads to his job summary page. however he’s already published follow-ups on hardware style as well as preliminary testing. He’s basing the style around a Raspberry Pi board, however that doesn’t have all the hardware it needs to interact with the car’s systems. For this he developed his own shield that utilizes an ATmega328 together with a CAN controller as well as CAN transceiver. The latter two chips patch into the CAN bus on the car’s On Board Diagnostic system. We didn’t see much about the wiring, however the summary publish mentions that the screen takes RGB or Composite inputs so he should be running a composite video cable television from the trunk to the dashboard.

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