appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


moving your hand makes this hexapod dance like a stringless marionette. Okay, so there’s obviously one string which is really a cable however you understand what we mean. The gadget on the floor is a leap movement sensor which is monitoring [Queron Williams’] hand gestures. This is done utilizing a Processing library which leverages the leap movement API.

Right now the hand signals only impact pitch, roll, as well as yaw of the hexapod’s body. however [Queron] does plan to add support for tracking both hands to add more control. We look at the demo after the break as well as believe this is getting quite close to the manipulations shown by [Tom Cruise] in Minority Report. add Google Glass for a heads Up screen as well as you might have auxiliary controls rendered on the periphery.

While you’re looking at [Queron’s] job publish click on his ‘hexapod’ label to catch a peek the develop process for the robot.

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