appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


There is a plethora of electronics tutorials scattered about online. sometimes it can be difficult to separate the great ones from the bad, as well as the enlightening from the misinformed. We just recently came across a pair that we discovered helpful, as well as believed they would charm to anyone starting off in electronics.

In this video tutorial, [Dave Jones] at the EEVblog covers soldering, outlining great methods as well as typical errors to prevent when working with through-hole components. As the second video in a series he picks up where part one left off, excitedly demonstrating the ins as well as outs of great soldering skills.

Hackaday visitor [grenadier] is working on a series of beginner’s electronics tutorials, as well as this week’s entry covers wiring. He discusses cable types, gauges, as well as even provides a nifty self-computing chart that calculates power loss based on the length as well as gauge of the chosen wire. before wrapping things up, he briefly touches on fuses as well as the pitfalls of selecting cable that’s not as much as the task at hand. While you’re over there looking over his tutorial, be sure to inspect out the Junkbox, there’s lots of remarkable stuff to be had!

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