appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


Instructables individual [lingib] made a creative as well as low-cost pen arm plotter that utilizes plastic rulers for arms. An inspiring sight for any individual without a lot of robot parts lying around,

The electronics are straightforward, with an Arduino UNO as well as a pair of simple motorists to manage NEMA17 stepper motors linked to robot wheels, which serve as hubs for the rulers. At the end of the arms, an SG90 micro servo increases as well as lowers the pen as commanded, shoving the whole pen assembly off the paper with its horn—an sophisticated option to an age-old drawbot problem. He even composed wrote a custom-made Processing program that enables him to manage the plotter from his desktop

[lingib]’s experimented with different type of drawing machines, including a drum plotter (video after the break), a V-plotter, in addition to a rolling drawbot.

You’ll discover tons of Hackaday articles about all kinds of drawing machines, including vintage plotters, plotters for making circuit boards, as well as even one developed out of cardboard.

…the previously mentioned drum plotter…

[Thanks, Setvir]

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