appreciation of clothing category

appreciation of clothing category


looking to get into fault injection for your reverse engineering projects, but don’t have the cash to set out for the necessary hardware? fear not, for the tools to glitch a chip may be as close as the nearest barbeque grill.

If you don’t understand what chip glitching is, perhaps a primer is in order. Glitching, more formally understood as electromagnetic fault injection (EMFI), or just fault injection, is a method that utilizes a pulse of electromagnetic energy to cause a fault in a running microcontroller or microprocessor. If the pulse occurs at just the right time, it may force the processor to avoid an instruction, leaving the system in a potentially exploitable state.

EMFI tools are commercially available — we even just recently featured a set to build your own — but [rqu]’s homebrew version is decidedly easier and cheaper than just about anything else. It consists of a piezoelectric gas grill igniter, a bit bit of enameled magnet wire, and half of a little toroidal ferrite core. The core fragment gets a few turns of wire, which then gets soldered to the terminals on the igniter. pressing the button produces a high-voltage pulse, which gets turned into an electromagnetic pulse by the coil. There’s a video of the tool in utilize in the Twitter thread, showing it easily glitching a pic running a simple loop program.

To be sure, a tool as simple as this won’t do the technique in every situation, but it’s a cheap method to begin checking out the prospective of fault injection.

Thanks to [Jonas] for the tip.

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